I am a professional English Dominatrix and a strong and erotic Domina. I'm a passionate and multi faceted Mistress with a profound understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM. Power stimulates me and I adore tormenting and teasing where the psychological stimulation of suspense is added to the already overpowering physical sensations.

I will challenge the experienced submissive and guide the novice who wishes to indulge their wildest fantasies. I'm deeply sensual and expect to enjoy myself. Even though I can be severe, I also take pleasure in not only compelling my slave to submit but also in fulfilling his fantasies by turning his desires and fantasies into reality.

I revel in the wicked thrills of power and in my skilled hands the infliction of play punishment becomes a thrilling experience of suspense. I will stretch you to your limits and lead you to an erotic, sensual pleasure of an exceptionally intense and prolonged nature by simultaneously forbidding and encouraging, resulting in stimulation added to stimulation that will end in true, deep catharsis.

I adore having slaves under my control, to use and abuse, to torment and tease for my pleasure and gratification. I will be gentler with the uninitiated but you can expect to be taken to your limits. So if you seek a Hong Kong Mistress who can release your deep desires by forceful persuasion and lead you to become my plaything..........I await your servitude.